Siege 1.1

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How to play
Three computer players and you will each receive 12 cards at the beginning of the round. Each card has unique color and value, and you will need to place them in its corresponding spot in the screen. At the beginning of each round, one player, randomly selected, may play any of the cards that he or she (or it) has. From the next player on, one can only play the cards that correspond with spots around that of those already played.
When an empty spot is enclosed by the walls and the other cards, the card for the empty spot is voided. The owner of the voided card will be penalized 100 points while the player who enclosed the spot will be awarded 100 points at the end of the round.

Multiple spots can be "enclosed" at the same time when the enclosed area is in the same row (i.e. in the same color).

When the "enclosed" area belongs to more than one row, the spots are not considered to be "enclosed."

Your goal is to enclose spots corresponding with other players' cards while keeping yours from being enclosed. When a player does not have any card that can be played, the player is automatically skipped.
After all of the cards are played (or voided), score for each player is calculated. Ranking will be displayed after five rounds of Siege.

There are several options available under the "Option" menu. The option "Music" turns on/off the background music, and the "Sound," the sound effects.
In "Preference" option, you can switch the strategy of the computer player and also set the number of rounds you wish to play in one game.

This software is a shareware. If you like using it, please register your software by sending me the shareware fee of US$10. As soon as we receive the shareware fee, we will send you your registration number. Click the "Register..." button in the start up window and input name and the number.
NAGI-P SOFT holds the copyrights to this package. You may distribute freely, but do not make any changes to this package. When you wish to distribute this package in other media (such as CD-ROM), please contact me at the address below.
NAGI-P SOFT or Akihiko Kusanagi, the programmer, takes no responsibility, expressed or implied, for any damages caused by the use of this software.

How to Send the Money
Please read "Read Me First" file.

System Requirement
MacOS 7.0 or later / 640x480 pixel screen / 256 colors display / 1MB RAM

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